You Are In Control of Your Habits and Goals

Many of us struggle to start new habits or break bad ones.

Sometimes we feel like we are riding waves of motivation, sometimes we feel like it and sometimes we don’t.

But let’s remember, you do have control. 

You have personal agency over your habits and goals. 

What is it that you would like to change?

If it’s a new positive habit, how can you make it easier? 

Make your first steps small, put reminders to carry out the habit everywhere, put up a sticky note when and where you’re going to start. 

Each of these actions reaffirms your commitment and makes your new habit achievable. 

Ok so what if you are trying to break a bad habit? 

Make it difficult to carry out that habit. 

Don’t have junk food in the house, don’t drive past that fast food place, delete the take-out apps or atleast remove their reminders. 

Better yet, set reminders to kick the habit.

Set an evening alarm to start your bedtime routine so you don’t stay up late. 

Prepare a healthy breakfast the night before. 

Whatever obstacles you can create and put in the way of your bad habits will help you stop doing them.

So don’t give up, you can control what you are doing just by starting something small today.