What habits do we need to break?

As the saying goes, ‘We are all creatures of habit’. 

We get up in the morning and do the same things day in and day out. 

But what if some of those habits are actually harmful? 

Let’s check in on 5 unhealthy habits most people have.

  1. Doom scrolling

Mindlessly scrolling through instagram, twitter, tiktok and negative news articles is often doing nothing for you.

It only embeds negativity into your environment without offering anything productive.

  1. Procrastinating over your health

We are all guilty of sacrificing physical or mental health to get extra work done or watch another episode of a show.

Worse still, 31% of people delay going to a doctor. For men alone this increases to 66%. 

Caring for your health always needs to be a priority.

Don’t ignore stress, pain or put off a doctor visit. 

People have so many desires and wants until they are sick.  Then they only want to get better.

As the saying goes, your health is your wealth. Speaking of which…

  1. Ignoring Your Bank Account

Money worries right now can be very stressful. 

1 in 4 people suffer PTSD-like symptoms caused by financial stress. 

Checking your accounts lets you know the extent of the problem and reduces anxiety.

Take a peak, getting control over your financing can really help you sleep at night. 

  1. Going to bed late 

Going to bed late is ridiculously common but can be detrimental. 

You still have to get up at the same time so you are actually sacrificing sleep by going to bed late. 

Without 7-8 hours sleep, your focus, mental health, immune system, food cravings and mood all suffer. 

  1. Complaining

Let’s not deny that things suck sometimes but that is okay.

However, endlessly complaining without doing anything about it is a damaging habit. 

People who complain all the time normalize a negative outlook and drag themselves into a rut. 

Next time, pause and find something you can be thankful for in your day.

It is very easy to slip into unhelpful habits with little or no reason. Is it time to make a change for you? 

We all have stuff we need to do less of or stop altogether, what are yours?