We are what we do daily

Have you ever heard the expression, “How we spend our days is how we spend our lives?”

Each routine and choice in our days can all be added up together to explain our lives. 

When it comes to getting from where you are to where you want to be, it all comes down to how we spend our days. 

Take any champion athlete. They don’t just work out like a champion, they live like a champion. 

They rest like a champion, eat like a champion and sleep like a champ. 

They work at all of the habits necessary to get to that professional level. 

That is the difference between them and the rest, they do the right things over and over day in and day out.  

The same goes for us. Every day, we are faced with choices and routines.

Hit the snooze button or not? 

Prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner or get take out meals?

Exercise or leave it to tomorrow?

Read a book or watch tv? 

Each day we can step forward into growth or back into our comfort zones. 

Nobody is perfect but our daily activities, routines and choices all add up to shape our lives. 

Moment by moment, choice by choice. 

So what things do you need to do more of today?

What things do you need to do less of or let go of today?