Try this Morning Routine

Do you wake up groggy and out of sorts? 

Do you then launch into a stressy morning of rushing to work? 

If you win the morning, you win the day as the saying goes.

The morning can really impact every other part of the day so let’s make a choice to change that trajectory. 

Here is a simple routine that can help :

Set your alarm 5 minutes earlier.

When you wake up.

Sit down on a blanket, cushion, edge of your bed, or on the floor.

Leave your hands rest and close your eyes. 

Take a deep breath in through the nose. 

Let it fill your belly. Hold it for a moment and exhale.

Steer your mind toward noticing your body. 

How is it feeling?   Feel it wake up.

Listen to your breath and remain in the present. 

As the 5 minutes draws to a close, bring your attention back to your body. 

Start to move and wake your body slowly. 

If it feels right, make a conscious decision on how today is going to go. 

Once the five minutes are up, go into your day with good intentions. 

We often allow ourselves to assume auto-pilot in the morning because we are still waking up. 

When we do this, our minds can race into fight or flight mode but this routine can help us take control of the day and respect our morning.

So give that a try and start the day in a way you deserve.