Self Development vs. Self Acceptance

When we talk about changing habits and self-development, a certain amount of care needs to be taken around how we frame the conversation. 

Changing habits does not mean the absence of self-acceptance. 

It is not due to a feeling of judgement. 

And it is not because you are less than anyone else. 

You are great just as you are. 

Self development and habit change are about the pursuit of something you want to become.

Coming from a place of fulfilling your potential, not from a place of lack or being less than. 

It may seem a trivial distinction but changing your view, changes what you are doing.

It makes your new habit less about escaping a cloud of negativity and more about stepping positively into opportunity. 

If you are only trying to appease negative feelings or self-talk, it will always feel like you are propelled by fear. 

We pursue new challenges because we know we are always capable of improving, learning and achieving. 

Life feels great when we are progressing and developing personally, exploring and trying new things.

Remember, I like you just the way you are. But, I am here to help you get to where you want to be.