Need a mental break? Try Meditation

We live life at 100 miles an hour in today’s world. 

We are constantly go, go, go. 

The stress of not having enough time to do everything keeps us at a high level of intensity.

Unfortunately, we rarely make much time for ourselves and even less time to take a mental break. 

But do you know who takes mental breaks seriously? 

Kendrick Lamar, Oprah, Bill Gates, Michael Jordan, Will Smith, George Lucas, Beyonce, to name but a few. 

Each one meditates daily, and schedules down time or “think weeks”  to take care of their minds.

Meditation is the least disruptive, mental wellness thing you can do today. 

It takes as little as 5 minutes of slowing down, checking in with yourself, focusing on your breath to feel the benefits.  

And what are these benefits? 

Reduced stress, controlled anxiety, improving emotional health and self-awareness and enhanced attention span.

Typical meditation practices focus on breathing or scanning your body to bring you into a state grounded state. 

As you focus on your breathing, stay present and allow all of the background noise in your mind drift away momentarily. 

What actually happens is parts of your brain all dramatically reduce the stimuli being processed and it settles the mind, like snow settling in a shaken up snow globe. 

So If it only took 5 minutes, would you give yourself the time for a mental break?