How to Persevere With Habits & Goals?

Do you want to know the secret behind Perseverance

Our brains, while evolved and complex, still have some hunter gatherer tendencies, especially when it comes to perseverance.

Allow me to explain. 

Perseverance is actually a habit in itself that can be manipulated and adjusted because of it’s fuel sources. 

What are those sources? Dopamine, Serotonin, Tryptophan and a few others, we won’t get that science right now.

But, each of these neurotransmitters or hormones, act as fuel to keep us going.

Back in the good old days, our best weapon in the pursuit of food was our ability to keep persisting long enough for our prey to tire. 

In order to do that, our brain and body would release hormones that gave us the everything we needed for a long chase.

These hormones boost our mood, decrease our sense of pain and increase our resistance to stress. 

This is why exercise is so important for us. 

As we exercise, our brain’s switches to a hunter gatherer mode and helps us regulate stress improve our mood.

Exercise actually improves our ability to resist stress and depression over time. 

But, It is not only for exercise.

The more you face and triumph over obstacles in your life, the better your brain is at doing so without hesitation.  Perseverance is like a muscle that you can build. 

Next time you hear a rags to riches story, you’ll know that this person has gotten used to persisting and obstacles no longer have the same meaning as when they first started.  

So knowing this, how will you challenge yourself today? What is something you need to persist at?