Getting Started with Rithm

Welcome to Rithm, 

We’re here to help you build habits, reach your goals and stay motivated. 

So where do we start? 

Well whatever habit or goal you want to work on, let’s break it down and start with one small step.

When we break bigger tasks down into smaller pieces, it makes the steps more clear and our progress more achievable.

When we make progress, we feel good
And when we feel good, we can make lasting change. 

Want to meditate daily for 20 minutes? We can start with 5 minutes. 

Want to run a marathon? Let’s try jogging for 1 mile. 

Want to eat healthily? Try cutting out 1 piece of candy and add extra veggies for 1 day. 

Make it so easy to get started and you’ll be surprised how tiny changes can compound over time into having a massive impact on your life. 

So, the challenge I have for you today is, what’s one small thing, one small step, you can do to take you from where you are to where you want to be?