Are You Willing To Be Uncomfortable To Be Successful?

One of the many things that change between being an adult and a child is our courage and willingness to try new things. 

As kids, everything is new and we try things with little concern for the discomfort of making mistakes or the effort required. 

As we become adults, we nestle into our comforts and rarely extend too far.

When it comes to new things and making progress, we have 3 zones.

Our comfort zone where everything is familiar, unchallenging, and risk-free.

Our learning or growth zone, where we stretch and challenge ourselves. In this zone, things can feel uncomfortable at times but at the same time feed our curiosity.

Lastly, we have the panic zone. 

This is when we may extend too far, to where you feel swamped and incapable of handling the tasks and stresses coming your way. It’s not a good place to be to grow or learn new skills. 

While we all spend most of our time in the comfort zone, it’s in our growth zone, where it’s a little uncomfortable, where we make mistakes, that we learn and make the most progress. 

Progress isn’t made by giving in to the comforts of everyday life. 

It’s not made by hitting snooze, watching tv, having snacks, and skipping exercise regularly.

If you genuinely want things to be better, you have to be willing to embrace some discomfort. 

The more we do it, the wider our learning zone becomes the more opportunities that present themselves and the more likely you are to succeed in what you are working towards. 

Comfort is great but personal success and achievement rarely come from the confines of an armchair. 

So ask yourself the question: 

Are you willing to be uncomfortable to be successful?