.Ai or.App? What domain extension to use for your startup?

I really love a good domain.

But, when it comes to your startup, your .com was probably registered back in ’95 and they are still squatting on it.

For me, Rithm.com was registered ages ago but alas, there are a good few alternatives extensions out there.

Folks are using all kinds of domains these days, .app, .ai, .xyz, .bot etc. It seems to matter less and less these days as to what the extension is so long as your product is 🔥 (unless you are working in enterprise saas where a .com is probably the way to go ).

A special thanks to the start-ups that paved the way for obscure extensions like .io (intercom.io) .so (notion.so) etc.

So for Rithm, I narrowed my domain down to 2 extensions:

Rithm.Ai & Rithm.App

I really liked them both and was leaning towards .ai since the app is like a “A.I Habit Coach”

But, like any smart founder, we must challenge our assumptions, so I put it to a quick test.

I surveyed 30 people, in the United States, Male & Female, Ages 25 – 39, College graduates, employed full-time, with household incomes of $40,000 – over $100,000.

Here’s how they voted!

I would have bet money on .ai winning but surprising to me, .app won out by a mile.

So voilà, here we are on a .app domain name.

What domain name are you rolling with?

Photo by benjamin henon