Accountability and your habits

While setting goals is easy, achieving them can be a serious challenge.

Up to 75% of people will give up on a goal within a month of setting it.

The odds are against us. But, the fact that you are watching this means, that it doesn’t have to be this way for you.

Especially if you recruit an accountability partner.

Research shows people who commit to a goal with a partner have a 95% greater chance of success than those without!

An accountability partner can be anyone that you check-in with to share your progress.
Ideally it’s someone who is also trying to achieve a goal, so the accountability is a two way street. Where you push each other.

Your accountability partner needs to be someone who you can trust to give you honest and candid feedback. Someone who you can really talk about your goal with.

Committing with someone gives you a sense of responsibility, that social pressure of trying to impress or not wanting to disappoint someone really does motivate people. 

So this isn’t about social comparison but it’s about keep each other motivated.

If you want to go far, go together. As the saying goes. 

So in Rithm you can add accountability partners to your habits and goals. Rithm is free in the app store, give it a try, and remember people love helping other people. so don’t be afraid to ask for an accountability buddy.