99% is a Pain, 100% is a Breeze

Are you committed or just kinda committed? 

There’s a big difference.

When you’re only 99% committed, you are leaving room to meandre through days allowing them to be filled with checking notifications, group chats and mediocre distractions. 

When you go that last 1%, committing 100%, you eat, sleep and drink the purpose of your day.

When you make a commitment, it’s clear that you are all in 100% and it’s surprisingly much easier than being even 99.9% committed.

When we are building habits, we want to have clear lines as to what we should and should not be doing, by having bright lines, or being 100% committed, it makes this much easier. 

It saves us a ton of energy because we no longer have to think about whether we are in or out. 

When give anything less than a 100% commitment we are leaving room for that little voice to come in and start negotiating with ourselves right when we can least afford it

Should we go to bed early, or stay up late? 

Should I eat this cake or pass it by? 

Should I sleep in or go for a job? 

Answers to these questions become much easier when we are 100% committed. 

The commitment is much easier than anything less.

What area in your life do you need to go that extra few percent?