80% of success is just showing up

When Woody Allen, the academy award winning film director, writer, actor, and comedian was asked what he attributes his success to, he said: 

“80% of success is just showing up”  

He didn’t mean just one day or whenever opportunities arose.

He meant every single day.

It is turning up on the days when no one is watching, when it’s raining, when your body feels achy, when you’re tired from work or when you’ve received yet another rejection. 

Showing up on those days is most important.

It means you didn’t quit, but more importantly it teaches your brain to override any discouragement tactics.

Because of your brain’s neuroplasticity, it works best with repetition. 

You might do a million different things with ease but at some point your brain had to learn how. 

It had to build a network so that you would be able to carry out the task and the more often you did the task the better you got. 

Your new habit is no different. 

The more you repeat it and show up, the stronger you become.

Even when it gets tough, keep showing up because that is what it takes to get from where you are to where you want to be.