If Not Now, Then When? Making Time For Habits & Goals

Don’t have time?  if not now, then when? 

We’ve all said it. 

“I just don’t have the time…” Or  “Now isn’t the right time”

It’s true, we all have limited time. 

But, the problem with saying either of those things is that if we don’t make time now, then when will we?

Let me repeat that: 

If not now, when? 

When are you, your self-development, your priorities, your new habit, your health and wellness going to fit your schedule? 

When do You become a priority? 

Everyone’s lives are so full of errands, tv shows, video calls or all the other things we fill our days with. We tolerate that we have no time, as if it’s the norm of modern living. 

Yet, we allot so much of our time to trivial pursuits without pausing to ask if that is what we really want or not.

We do things without asking, is this a step in the direction I want to go? Or, is it a step to the side or a step backward? 

Your time is the most scarce resource in the universe, it’s extraordinarily valuable and you should take pause before spending it.

Just think about these questions…
How many more books can you read in your life?
How many more summer’s will you enjoy?
How many more marathons might you run?
How many times will you visit your friends and family? 

We only have so much time, so need to be conscious of how we spend it.

So let me ask you again, if not now, then when?